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  "The Free State landscape gladdens my heart, no matter what my mood. When I am here I feel that nothing can shut me in, that my thoughts can roam as far as the horizons."" - Nelson Mandela With its wealth of historical and cultural attractions and excellent facilities, Bloemfontein is the ideal place to start a tour of the Free State. North of Winburg, the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve is the Free State's major provincial reserve, offering a wealth of wildlife, excellent fishing conditions, and a wide range of sports facilities. Kroonstad has all you need for a relaxing break, including an excellent holiday resort. Loch Athlone, one of the major attractions of Bethlehem, is a magnet for anglers and those who enjoy pottering around in boats.    
    South Africa's largest river, the Orange, rises in Lesotho's Maluti Mountains in the Free State and forms the southern boundary of the Free State before winding its way to the Atlantic Ocean. To the Khoikhoi people, the Orange was known as Gariep (river), and for this reason, the Voortrekkers who settled in the region north of the river called it the Transgariep.Increasingly popular among holiday-makers, the river is also the site of one of the country's most astounding engineering feats, the Gariep Dam. This enormous inland sea and the attractive resort on its banks provide a relaxing interlude for travellers, especially for those who enjoy swimming, water-skiing, fishing and yachting. Those in the know claim that paddling a canoe down the long, lazy flow of the river is the ultimate adventure.  
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