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  Limpopo is the northern most province in South Africa, bordering onto Moçambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Limpopo offers a mosaic of superb scenic landscape, a fascinating cultural heritage, an abundance of wildlife species and many nature based tourism opportunities. Limpopo is a land of legends and myths and of ancient civilizations ... Those in search of history will find many places of archaeological significance that yielded relics dating back millions of years ... The Limpopo Province is divided into four tourist regions and offers many 'must-see' attractions. Travelling east, visitors will discover the rich natural heritage of the Lowveld and the famous Kruger Park. This region falls in the valley of the great Olifants River that meanders through the Kruger national Park, forming the southern border of the province.    
    The Waterberg Mountains stretch along more than 5,000 km² of spectacular vistas and scenic valleys. The area is steeped in history and some artefacts found here date back to Stone Age times. The area’s rich mosaic of culture and tradition is reflected by the different tribes.

Across the northwest, and framing the northern border of Limpopo lies the Soutpansberg Region. One of the main geographical features of this region is the Limpopo River, which forms South Africa’s northern border.
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