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  Vast expanses of space and silence, drought and blazing ssummer sunshine. Across the arid landscape, the Orange River flows, at places in a sluggish tide, at others in a powerful explosion of sound and fury. Were it not for the river, much of the region may well have remained bleak and populated only by nomadic bands of Bushmen. Instead, prosperous towns and villages have risen from its banks, and large stretches of once-barren land have been transformed into fields of cotton, Lucerne, dates and grapes.    
    The Namaqualand copper rush of the 1850s was the catalyst for the evolution of these once undeveloped wastelands. Although the boom years are long over, mining is still carried out in the region.

For much of the year, the undulating semi-desert of Namaqualand harbours an unseen treasure house of dormant floral glory. After the right amount of winter rainfall, the landscape in spring is transformed into a carpet of brilliant blooms form one horizon to another.
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